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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-2013 Discussion

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
There are rumors that Velickovic might come back to Partizan so with him this joung team could do a lot . I don't think Andjusic will play much this season because Bogdanovic is just as good at shooting but is better defender and defense will most important for this team next season . Did you saw Partizan Khimki game and how great Partizan played defense , if they play defense like that every game they should make top 16 and have a chance for top 8 . I watched Real Barsa and it was good game , I like what Laso has done with Real since he became coach thats why Real is my favorite spanish team in basketball . Caroll is also one of my favorite players you just have to like him when you see him play , he's just one of those players that you can enjoy watching even if you don't follow basketball .

Your team is way too young to make the playoffs. Be realistic. Top 16 will be a big success for Partizan.

I don't like Barca's team this year, as I told Grinder they should not be called "elite" this year.

Their team was always 50% Navarro and it appears that he is very near to the end of his playing days as his body has totally broken down in the last year and he has really bad feet.

Huertas and Lorbek is a great start (except that Huertas plays no defense at all)...but old washed up Mickeal, Jawai, Ingles, Wallace, old washed up Saras, Tomic, Sada - their role players leave a lot to be desired.

It's going to be tough for them in ACB dealing with Real Madrid and even teams like Bilbao and Baskonia. And Euroleague....they are not in contention unless Navarro has a miracle recovery.

I'm not sure what the hell their management is doing, because they have made some strange moves in the last 2 years. I mean players like Tomic, Jawai, Wallace, and Ingles are decent enough, but nowhere near the level needed of a Euroleague champion.

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