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Default Anthony Parker - Euroleague GOAT

Honestly, has the Euroleague ever been blessed with such talent before? WIth all these NBA bench players getting cut from rosters and still looking to make money playing ball, the depth of talent in the Euroleague is at an all time high. Their players get cut from NBA squad left and right - which is why a God like Anthony Parker can go out there and dominate!

But after becoming MVP and being the clear cut best player in Europe, can this guy now be considered one of the all time greats in Euroleague history? Obviously his career has been short, and he has much more impact than he did in the NBA, but such dominance and ability to take over an entire league cannot be ignored

Do you guys expect Euro teams to start mainly recruiting in the US? Im sure that if they can afford 5 mill for a below average NBA player they can afford to drop a mill on D-league guys who would still be able to go over there and dominate. Thoughts?

Idk what your guys' lists look like, but here is my all time Euroleague top 5 you guys can compare and post yours too

1. Anthony Parker
2. Deron Williams
3. Josh Childress
4. Hilton Armstrong
5. Smush Parker


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