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Default Re: The Christian Ponder thread

What a performance. HOLY SH!T.

The whole game I had confidence in the offense's ability to string together drives, I haven't had that feeling since Favre's 33 TD, NFC title game season. Ponder was making all the throws, one particular floater over the DB into Harvin right along the sideline for 15-20 yds in the first half sticks out in my mind. As always he threw on the run effectively.

Daaaaamn the Oline looked good, crazy how much your oline can improve with an anchor like Kalil. The two tackles and the center are legitimate forces on the Oline now, it's a good balance.

Ponder's rush TD was insane, he saw that hole and burst through it, reminded me of a Mike Vick run vs the Vikes from like 2002. 25 yards straight up the gut for a TD. Then his first TD toss a play action rollout to the weakside, a safety or linebacker was all over him but he somehow twist his hips to give himself an extra second to lob it up perfectly for Rudolph to run under.

Simpson coming back next week will only make the offense better, a deep threat is all they been missing. Now they have the gamebreaker gadget player who they use all over the place in Harvin, the glue hands gravitational force TE Rudolph (2 TDs yesterday, his second one was nutty), th deep threat Simpson, a solid and improving Oline, the workhorse superstar RB, its a good situation for Ponder to develop. So far so good too.

Yesterday: 21/35, 198 yds, 2 TD, 0 INT.

Season: 68/97, 713 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT. 11 Rush, 41 yds, TD.

Pace: 3800 yds, 21 TD, 0 INT, 70.1% completions.
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