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Default Re: Nudity/Sexual Content In Video Games

There are a few things that come to mind. Mass Effect I've never played, but I've heard enough about that part of it to know it was a defining trait.

I also know about the highly offensive Atari Cowboy and Indian game from a million years ago that always comes up in these conversations, which is rediculous for a number of reasons. Not least of which that it's terrible. But also because it's notion is basically a rape game.

Obviously GTA's history I'm well aware of, and I feel like it plays well in the context of the game. There's an element of satire to it. It's functional in the game without being too pervasive into the gameplay.

More recently, stuff I've had direct experience with. Sabotuer was a GTA knock off with an interesting twist. You're in WWII paris, the gimmick is that regions that are Nazi occupied are in black and white, and they turn to color as you free them. It wasn't a great game. The driving mechanic was awfull. The mission design hit or miss. Some good ideas that just didn't finish up. But one element was a series of burlesque houses that you used as save spots. By hitting select you could go from topless, to star pasties. I'm still not sure why the actual seeing of it is such a big deal. Either way you're still in a burlesque house, and it's not as if covering them in Pasties is any less titillating. It's that sort of logic I don't get more than the addition or ommission of this stuff.

The other one is from Heavy Rain. If you haven't played it, it's a bizarre experience. Sort of a series of QTE that unfold the game into something of a choose your own adventure. It's a dark story about a father losing his kid to a kidnapper and tracking him down. There is a girl who agrees to help you, and if you play everything out a certain way, you can sleep with her. It fits, it makes sense, and it's done pretty well. My only issue with it is that it feels too much like a reward. As if if you play well enough, you get to nail the chick. As with most of that game, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I don't even remember if it really happened, or I made it up as a joke, but it's almost like there's even a QT game to get her bra off. And there's a sequence where if you play it a certain way, you have to cut a finger off, and if you do that, it makes it harder to get the bra off ... I think I made that up, but I'm not positive. It's a strange experience. But she was a great character, and I know that I wanted to play it out where I got her, which seems weird.
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