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Default Re: Dez Bryant is overrated

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Miles > DeSean
Dez > Maclin

DeSean Jackson truly is overrated by many people

Djax is overrated. Dez better than Maclin?


Maclin 70-964-10
Dez 45-561-6


Maclin 63-859-5
Dez 63-928-10

Yeah I see Dez > Maclin alright.

You can make a case for either WR, lets not pretend Dez is obviously better.

"But but but he has way more upside, potential than Maclin."

You wait until he shows n proves that there prime.

I noticed you dodged calling Hakeem Nicks overrated and didnt include him in your this > that tactic. I wonder why.
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