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Default Re: What is the best cable package to watch the Raps this season?

There is no good answer to that. I mean I have been thu both a couple of times and it seems you have to complain that you intend to switch - or actually switch - to get them to reduce the cost to a fair price.

35 games this season on Sportsnet which you can get on both services.

I recommend:

1) you dump both buy a digital antenae and Apple TV

2) spend $30.00 at the nearest sports bar / chicken wing place - to your house (dont drink and drive !) - share two pitchers of beer with the bar tender or waitress that has control of the remote

3) Loudly advertise you will be back to drink more beer every Raptor game and ask them to keep the TV tuned.

4) bring buddies along in future.

Spend the money you were going to anyway and watch for free.

Pick up Fan 590 radio off the internet for free to listen to games on nights you cant get to to the bar.

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