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Default Re: THE GREAT DEBATE: Ranking the Greatest Players of All-Time

Originally Posted by fpliii
not that I'm opposed to the premise of this thread (I think it's a noble pursuit to try and get multiple lists out there derived using different methods), but doesn't this format reward the superior argument as opposed to the greater player? it's fine if either (a) yourself or the deciding committee is able to parse the arguments successfully (so a great presentation isn't overly weighted) or (b) all presentations follow some sort of standard format, eliminating (or at least limiting) rhetorical bias

You're right, my methodology does reward the superior argument. That's precisely what it does. I see no shame in that. It helps eliminate the nominations from less educated users who haven't done their homework while rewarding those users who demonstrate basketball knowledge, common sense and intelligence.

The format of the nominations is up to the individual user. The only restriction is the word limit; I gave it much thought and settled for the 200-word limit because that is sufficient to write plenty while reducing the waffle and long-winded essays.
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