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Default Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I picked this up yesterday and have already spent countless hours trying to master this beast. And I've been playing since T3.

That should give you some insight into how great this game is. Not because it brings any really new features (some new stuff is really cool), but because as a Tekken mega fan I still find it challenging and engaging enough to spend so much time on it.

But the main reason so much time has been wasted is because the game is FUCKING HARD! And I don't mean regular, Tekken is silly complex to master, juggling is tough to time, there are a million combos hard. I mean it's really taken a step into the holy shit zone. The timing is difficult as always when chaining commands together, and some reaches/power have been tuned way down. And tag combos will take some dedication because you have to string aerials and bounds and such and every character has a different bound!

I have only cracked this bad boy open and I'm just salivating and taking the time to master this game and become as good at it as I was when I left the series at 5. It has been a long while since I felt this challenged by a fighting game, so much so that I feel like a beginner. And I couldn't ask for anything more. Brutal. Fantastic.
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