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Default Re: Watching the competition in the East

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Williams is intriguing. He has some nice skills but unfortunately he's a moron. If only someone could make him realize that he can't shoot, he'd be a solid rotation player.

Flynn is total trash though. Any team could've had him and I'm not sad the Raptors didn't try.

Dont disagree at all...

Williams seems to be hampered by ego according to most sound bytes off the internet.

Flynn has a lot lot lot to prove. I guess the thing about the signing that makes me ponder is (1) he is obviously well behind Brandon Knight and a plethora of swing men for 2 rotation in Detroit - so clearly he better play smart off the bench to hang onto his NBA career..... and (2) he was a top end draft pick so there is some talent.

With Flynn did he just play stupid ? Was he ever in the right system position (Minny and Portland I recall???) ?? I cant say I ever followed Flynn game.

Again disclosure - I admit to respecting Joe D a lot. The man lost Grant Hill - argueably the best player in the NBA at "that time" and then built a consistent deep playoff team for multiple seasons and a championship team out of pieces like Tay/Rip/Chauncey/BenG. That may be a while ago but I never count Detroit out cause of Dumars.
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