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Default Re: Memphis lands third top-50 recruit in Kuran Iverson

I've been watching/coaching against kuran since he was in middle school. Very talented player with some unique skills. For his height he handles the ball very well and is a good passer. Also, his jump shot has improved a lot and he is capable of getting very hot from the outside. He excelled in high school using his length and anticipation skills in a 2-3 zone. That's why I always thought he seemed like a syracuse type of player.

As a UConn fan, however, I'm glad that the Huskies didn't take a chance on him. He has academic and attitude issues, and also seems to only want to play guard and rarely bang down low..and sometimes is a frontrunner (but thats gotten a lot better as he's matured). Plus, UConn has always had problems with hyped Connecticut kids. The pressure is hard on them and so many distractions.

But hopefully Memphis is the right spot for him and he can flourish there. He has some very advanced skills and great length and pretty good athleticism.
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