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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-2013 Discussion

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
You don't see them making finals ? I think they are better team than Bilba this season , also there is Valencia that is good enough to suprise everyone and makes the finals .

Valencia is an average team. They are definitely worse than Bilbao.

As for Baskonia....

PG Cabezas/Huertel
SG Oleson/Causeur
SF Nocioni/San Emeterio
PF N. Bjelica/M. Bjelica
C Lampe/Pliess

It might look nice on paper, but not so much in practical terms. Let's break it down:

PG - Cabezas/Huertel - Cabezas is past his prime, and too old to make much of a difference now. Huertel can't guard his own shadow.

SG - Olesen is a nice enough player, and so is Causeur, but they are both basically spread the floor shooters. They don't provide much of anything in complete game.

SF - Nocioni is old, extremely injury prone, and well past his prime. Probably easily one of the most overrated Euroleague players currently, as he is just repped off his name and what he was several years ago. San Emeterio is great, but unfortunately, he's also very injury prone and wildly inconsistent.

PF - N. Bjelica is talented and hyped, but he's also got incredibly low basketball IQ and plays totally out of control most of the time. M. Bjelica is a sold good player, but not much more.

C - Lampe has talent, but he's very soft, plays no defense, and he's almost always injured. He's soft and made out of glass. Pliess is very talented and big, but he's a horrific defender, maybe even worse than Tomic.

Ivanovic - great coach, and also a huge head case and nut job that is totally unpredictable.

Yeah, I'm not liking their team so much...

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