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Default Re: Training camp/pre-season!

from slcdunk:

The Jazz hired Johnnie Bryant yesterday, in an interesting move filling another hole in the Jazz' coaching staff. Bryant previously worked as Paul Millsap's personal trainer (as well as working with guys like C.J. Miles, Deron Williams, and Ronnie Price while they were in Utah). Millsap got as excited as possible about Bryant's hiring:

It works out, man. It works out. Pieces are falling that's how I look at it. He's going to be around everyday. So any time I need to get exercise or any of the other guys need to get up extra shots, he's there for them.

- from BTS' interview of Paul Millsap in the Salt Lake Tribune.

The thing that's so impressive about Paul Millsap's game is his insistence on adding a statistically significant facet to his game seemingly every season, something that's really hard to do. Let's walk through them:

Last season, he finished 3rd in the league in steals, after not finishing in the top 20 the previous year.
The previous year, he also added an important facet: the outside shot. The previous season (2009-2010), he shot 4.2 shots per game outside the rim area. In 2010-11, he shot 8.1 FGA per game. Remarkably, he was almost as efficient: 53.1 FG% compared to 53.8%. The increase he took on in USG% without a sizable decrease in efficiency must have stupefied Dean Oliver. Also supporting this was the leap in FT% he took: in his first 4 years, Millsap never shot above 70%. In 2011, Millsap shot 75.7%, and last season shot just shy of 80%.
In the summer of 2008 and again in 2010, he became a much better passer, moving up from an assist percentage of 6.7% his rookie year to 9.8% in 2008-09 to 12.4% last season.
Of course, the Adj +/- jumps have been remarkable, culminating in his 4th place finish this year in's Adj. +/- numbers.
There are some downsides, to be sure. He hasn't maintained the blocking or offensive rebound skills of his electric rookie year, something that has hurt his overall effectiveness (may I hypothesize it is due to taller competition as a starter?). But his basketball skills have undeniably improved, and if Johnnie Bryant deserves any credit for that improvement, then the Jazz just made an excellent hire.

And thus ends this week's Paul Millsap's promotional segment! This week's segment was sponsored by DeAngelo Simmons. Be sure to see the feature film Ambition in theaters, coming "soon".

Sounds like a guy you should be looking to bench/trade to me.
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