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Default Re: my top-10 CB duos going into 2012

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Where is Tillman and Jennings on this list?

Chicago has only allowed two passing TDs this year and has had about 5 takeaways from their corners.

And I have read that QBs throwing Jennings way are at a Resting of 4.9. Those are Revised type numbers. And he does lead the league in INTs so obviously he knows what to do when the ball is thrown his way. He also had the deflection for an INT against Indy and the deflection to Wright for his TD return against STL.
Yeah they are doing great right now you're right they should probably get mention, I know they gave Sam his first bad game but it looked like maybe that had more to do with the pass rush and Sam being on his ass the entire game.
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