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Default Re: Kill Bill Vassilis Spanoulis Can Come Back To NBA Next Year!

Originally Posted by Grinder
Yes, he's going to leave the reigning Euroleague champions where he's the centerpiece of the team in his home country to go play for a team that'll hover between the lottery and possibly the eight seed while probably taking a paycut at 30+ years of age.

I find that hard to believe...

I don't think he would be taking a pay cut. Olympiacos could not pay the same salary he has now in a new contract. The budget cuts would not allow that. When Diamantidis signed his contract extension this summer with Panathinaikos for example, he had to take a 50% pay cut.

So Diamantidis will make 2 million euros net this season, but he will make 1 million euros net for the next 3 seasons. So, it will probably be a similar type of pay cut offered to Spanoulis by Olympiacos, unless they want to gut half their roster to keep him.

They also will have to try to keep Papanikolaou from going to Portland, they will have to re-sign Acie Law and Pero Antic. So actually, it would not be a pay cut.

BTW, I am pretty sure they were talking about the 2013-14 season, not this season.

Spanoulis is under contract this season, so obviously they must be talking about next season.

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