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Default Re: Week 3 Discussion and Game Thread

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
But they can tell the dude, "Yo you should prob. go with this ruling." And it's not like these officials, who are replacements, are gonna get ego headed and ignore him.

If it comes out that the referee was told and he ignored the replay guy outright then fine, but if not everyone dropped the ball, but the replay official shit the bed. But I find it hard that the ref wouldn't defer to the replay official had he been insistent to over turn it.

i'll try to make this clearer. the replay official cannot overturn possession. the only things he is checking are the time on the clock and whether the ball hit the ground or not. by the rulebook, he's not allowed to review who made the catch. he's only allowed to review if it's complete or incomplete. the ref on the field screwed up by calling it a TD.

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