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Default Re: Ranking the QBs named Matt - Schaub, Stafford, Ryan

Originally Posted by MiamiThrice
I think Stafford has the best potential by far. Either that or he just looks good because of Calvin Johnson.

1. Matt Ryan
2. Matt Stafford
3. Matt Schaub

Schaub is an average quarterback. He looks good because the Texans are literally stacked at every position. Great offensive line, great defense, great skill position players. They have no weaknesses and if your going to find one it's probably Schaub. The texans have to have the best situation for any quarterback.

Stafford looks bad this year which is why I'll put him below Ryan, but remember this is a dude that threw for 5,000+ yards last year and 41 TD. The big play potential from this guy is enormous. I'll put Matt Ryan at first for now because he is the best game managing QB in the NFL this year. He's playing great.

You have absolutely NO idea what you're talking about.
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