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Default Re: Euroleague 2012-2013 Discussion

Originally Posted by Euroleague
And what other good teams are there in ACB?

Valencia is average. Malaga has a good roster, but they underachieve every single year for years now.

Baskonia has a nice roster, but lots of the players are injury prone and they don't have a reliable point guard.

Barca is just old, and if Navarro isn't healthy, I don't see it from them. Who else? Sevilla? Mediocre roster. San Sebastian and Gran Canaria have decent rosters, but nothing as good as Bilbao's.

The rest of the teams all suck.

Then you have to factor in home court advantage, which Bilbao has the best one. Then you have to factor in that Bilbao does not have to play in Euroleague this year. They can take it easy through Eurocup, up until the semifinals.

Plus, Bilbao's team in recent years had old Lopez, that is limited in minutes and can't defend, or Jackson, that is not a high IQ point guard running the team.

Zisis has an exceptionally high basketball IQ - maybe the highest one of any point guard in Europe, so I think that will be a big difference for that team at ACB level.

You also have a team that plays extremely well against Baskonia and Real Madrid. So yeah, I think Bilbao can make the finals again this year.
Don't get me wrong, I like our team, it's a great one considering we don't play Euroleague.
That said, there's too many question marks regarding the new players (outside Zisis, obviously).

Also, regarding us playing great against Madrid, that was mainly due to Jackson destroying both Sergios, which won't happen this season, and them being really soft (Slaughter and Hettsheimeir will help them). And there's f*cking Rodolfo Fernandez too.
IMO Madrid is the clear cut candidate for winning every domestic trophy.

As for Baskonia, they got some unproven players too, but somehow they always make adjustments and remain competitive.
I don't like Cabezas, but he did really well last season.
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