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Default Re: Deal Imminent, Lockout to End and Officials to be back Sunday

Originally Posted by niko
Plus it gave the Packers a loss, they seem distracted by their own whining (justified as it is) and was hysterically funny albeit utterly ridiculous. Win win.

The thing that got lost Monday was how atrocious the officiating was in general. The Packers got their go ahead touchdown aided by a 3rd down pass interference that was just wrong. And then, Seattle came down the field aided by an even worse call. And those were just two of a million. And the game was SO long and the pacing so disjointed.
yes, IMO the "catch" part wasn't even close to the worst call that can kind of be seen as being caught by both, it was somewhat was the BLATANT OFFENSIVE PI that was bad, and then like you said all the ridiculous calls leading up to that play...
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