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Default Re: Memphis lands third top-50 recruit in Kuran Iverson

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Not a loss for UConn. Seemed to always have his eyes set on UK, had attitude/academic questions. And since they are in good with Vonleh and XRM, no need to waste a scholarship on a potential problem. And I personally do not believe he would get ahead of Giffey/Daniels/Olander/Nolan for playing time, and with the potential of XRM, Parker, and Vonleh he really doesn't fit in much.

Nevertheless, a talented player picked a BE school so that is a plus.
Got anything on Vonleh? I know he just reclassified to 2013, which hurts Indiana in his recruitment since they don't currently have a scholarship for him. Not until Tom Crean runs someone off because they "don't have the grades" after he's already been admitted to the school anyway.
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