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Anyone got it?

How are you finding the 'first touch' control? It's a bit of an adjustment for me, my online record so far is pretty ass, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Seems like most people I play seem to pick it up quicker though.

Been playing for nearly a week now, I have the EA Season Ticket which gives early access to the new EA releases.

Overall, really enjoying it, couple of niggles that annoy me. Seems much easier to win and give away penalties now, which in reality is probably a good thing, lunging into tackles without care should be somewhat punished, but there is almost 1 penalty a game for me, pretty much 50/50 between myself and opponent. Corners 90% of the time are too easy to defend, except against a player who has practiced them to death, then they seem difficult, so maybe there is still some sort of corner exploit people are discovering, or maybe I just sucked conceding from 2 corners in one game. Finally, pace whoring is still very much prevalent in the game. Whether overly so, or not, is a matter of opinion.
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