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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by Carbine
See, I've said this before, and I knew people would do this....reflecting on this past Giants win and using the Giants rank as far as their defense goes (25th or whatever it was) as a way to "up" Eli Manning.

Here's the bottom line. That defense stepped the **** up in the playoffs. Without them there is no title. They destroyed Atlanta, made life hell for the Packers, one of the best offenses ever....then held Brady and company in check to the tune of 17 points when they were scoring 30+ regularly.

It's a team sport. Take a look at Eli Manning play sometime, take a look at Rodgers play sometime, take a look at Brady.....they are sitting on the bench for half the game having no impact on the game whatsoever.

You can pretty much replace "Eli" with "Peyton" and "Giants" with "Colts" when describing the 1 year the Colts won the Super Bowl.
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