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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by Carbine
He got unlucky because a high number of his INT's were tipped by his own guys, or wideouts not doing the right thing, like allowing the corner to cross your face and get an INT on a slant and not even fighting for position. Huge no-no.

I'm just saying his high INT total that year wasn't a true reflection. He probably should have been in the 16-18 range, not the 25 or 26 range he was in.

I'm not saying 16-18 range is good either. I don't think anyone was praising Eli is 2010 as some top 5 quarterback....but his INT total was highly inflated, bottom line.
His INT Total in that year (i don't know others) was inflated. I've seen stats that showed that. Note: He threw a lot of bad balls, but he did have bad luck. It was a running joke that Giant receivers made an effort for some stupid reason to bat balls up in the air.
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