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Default Re: What do you think of Tony Romo? Top 10? Top 5? Your thoughts...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
EVERY QB that has played more than a few years has made big mistakes in big moments...believe it or not Romo has made less than the average QB

He is just under a media microscope

Romo threw away less games than Eli and Vick last year during the regualr season...but no one would know that because the Lions and Jets games where big news to everyone while Vick and Eli's struggles didn't get any ESPN time

You didn't watch the Giants very much last year so you should stop speaking on them. Our losses included two Redskin games where the entire team was flat. Eli did not fail to lead us down field at the end, it was a group suckfest. We lost to Seattle where you can blame Eli if you like but Cruz helped big time. Arizona where we decided again not to play. (Note that our defense gave up tons of yardage and made no big 4th qtr stops in those games.)

Eagle game Eli was bad (2nd one). SF we got stopped on downs by SF defense after Eli brought us back several times. (That was the game we lost all the LB's, SF ate us up over the middle 2nd half.)

And the GB game where defense let Rodgers drive field in 10 seconds practically when we had lead. And Saints score 927 pts on us.

Where are the games Eli threw the ball away to lose it? And note that unlike you, i'm not cutting and pasting stats, because i SAW THE GAMES.

Want to talk about Romo losses off the top of my head? Because not ONE Giants loss had mistakes by Eli has bad as when Romo threw a pass to Revis in his own territory when he had the game to win.
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