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Default Re: What do you think of Tony Romo? Top 10? Top 5? Your thoughts...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yes I is important obviously but not important to the point you need a great one, or even a good one to win a championship

Most of the time you do. That's just a patently wrong statement. I can think of practically only a few times in my 30+ year of watching football that a QB who won was either not great, or at least in the short part of his career that was great. And in the last 10-15 years it's actually skewed even more so that the top QB's are always the ones that win titles. Who won a title in the last 15 years with a bad QB?

And don't give me example of QB's playing badly - great players have bad games. You need to get to the Super Bowl to win it, and teams with bad QB's tend to fall short.

Give me the list. And don't give me all early 80's examples and Dilfer. You are really talking out of your ass today.

Out of the last 20 superbowls, i can think of TWO QB's i would call as not elite top tier who won, Dilfer, and Doug Williams who is 20 years ago, and he was superb that season. Ridiculous. Just doesn't have the long term resume. And the QB's who became elite went into the game, played well, and then became Elite. It's not a coincidence.

In your teams history, you have always been an elite team due to always having top QB's. ELITE. You should know better.

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