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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
It would take an incredibly good product and accepting the fact that sales just won't be good the first time around for EA to get back into NBA games. The 2K series has a huge established fan base and is better than the Live series ever was. Some competition (pressure) would be good but it's not like gamers are pleading for another NBA game option.
I definitely still believe there's an open opportunity for any gaming company willing to put in the proper time and effort (perhaps even EA). Gamers might not be pleading for another NBA game option, but they weren't really around 2000 either (as 2K arrived). Sometimes it's just a matter of someone busting through and redefining what we thought a basketball game could be. And with a new console generation popping up sooner than later, I think the opportunity could be there for someone. And maybe it'll just be 2K redefining things themselves.
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