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Originally Posted by niko
i don't play online just single player. Liking it. Getting used to it, you have to be going at the proper pace to make plays now, more realistic but more of a learning curve. It's easier to score now from out far but close up the defenders try to block your shooting lanes and come over to help. You also have to learn to dribble in small spaces better to avoid the help defending. I really like it.

Collissions are better too, like the little jossling at times off the ball. Cech yesterday went for the ball and after he picked it up he shoved the defender away from him to clear space before he was going to kick it.

Also for all the Madden defenders, amazing how FIFA can still have the same 4,000 modes even with changes but Madden has to take away modes to add new ones.

Yup, the re-playability on this game is almost second to none. Even though I'm primarily only a Ultimate Team and Head to Head seasons player, I'm already planning to venture out and try some other game modes, so many to choose from!
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