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Default Re: Jonas Valanciunas Injuried

Originally Posted by Jballer
While I dont often agree with you and I sometimes suspect you post "just to be provactive" (read shitdisturber) it would be a sadder and quieter world on these threads without you.

You suspect I post just to be a shitdisturber? A. That's not even a word but you aren't exactly a championship speller so I guess that's to be expected. As for the reasons behind why I post what I post? I post because those are my opinions. Whether they are agreed with isn't my concern. Whether they entertain anyone or not isn't my concern. I'm just a talented young man with an impeccable style and swagger, and it shows in my charisma on this forum. It's interesting that you see "...snip.... blah blah blah" when I post because when you post i see.

"blah blah blah, misspelled name, blah blah blah, misspelled word." You are working hard towards replacement of Q, Flunk, and FC on my list.
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