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Default Re: Detroit Ranked 25th In Power Rankings

Originally Posted by embersyc
I personally think the Pistons are clearly better than Toronto and Washington and at least equal to Milwaukee.

There's some who think Toronto might fight for the 8 seed this season. They have a lot of young talent too and they do have Valenciunas (sp) playing for them this year too. He might not make an immediate impact but he'll eventually be a solid player for them. I actually don't mind their roster. They're going to be a team that eventually gets stuck in mediocrity. They might be bad this season but I don't see where Detroit is clearly better.

Milwaukee has an undersized back court, but it's one that can score a ton of points. They're not great at C but they have some size there and they have Illyasova who seems like he has some potential too.

The Wizards roster I actually think is better than Detroit's. There's no way Detroit is clearly better. The Wizards have a better PG in Wall. Jordan Crawford and Bradley Beal give them more depth at SG than we have (of course Beal needs to live up to the hype). Ariza is a solid SF. I take Tay over him but Ariza is one of those under rated guys in the NBA. Vesely isn't better than Monroe obviously. Nene is better than our C's. I think Washington has the chance to win some games.

Detroit could be as good as any of these teams. I just don't see us being clearly better. It's going to be a close race in the East this year.
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