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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

One last Association play-through on 2k12 before I get 2k13 next week.

I recently switched from XBox to PS3, and never got around to the post-lockout roster update with rookies, free agents, and trades.... so the base roster was pretty outdated.

I basically brought Lebron back to a bare-bones Cleveland Cavaliers team.

After making some solid trades, unloading most of the cumbersome contracts, and simulating the first season....

Entering the free agency period with $20-million in cap space, I was able to sign Chris Paul to a max-superstar deal and DeAndre Jordan to a 5-year, $5-million base year deal.

PG: Chris Paul - C.J. Watson
SG: Arron Afflalo - Danny Green
SF: Lebron James - Ryan Anderson
PF: Taj Gibson - Marcus Camby
C: DeAndre Jordan - Anderson Varejao
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