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Default Re: Jeffery Taylor is Charlotte Bobcats pick in 2nd round of NBA Draft

Originally Posted by millwad
I've played with Jeff for the Swedish youth national team and the guy is amazing. Even at a young age he was outstanding and no one else in our age group were close to his abilities, he was always way better than anyone else no matter what age he was at. Always stood out but he wasn't really tall when we were younger, I was taller than him by a good margin so the length came a little later but he was always crazy athletic.

I am surprised that he made it this far but at the same time not, he had great genetics, his dad played in the NBA and he practiced his butt off. Killer combination.

Probably the most humble people with actual great skillset in something that I've met, no cockiness or ignorance towards anyone. He's a great guy and I am genuinely really happy for him.

Jonas was also cool but that guy is some what of a dickhead but Jeff, no, he is a great person.

Thanks for that great post. I'm very high on Taylor and I expect he'll have everyone calling him a steal at 31.
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