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Default Re: CP3 claims to have figured out how to beat Lakers

The clippers suck. Paul and Griffin are certified ballers and everyone else on their squad is either a has been or a scrub. They have guys whose names are far greater than their games at this point in their respective careers.

Chauncey is old and injury prone now.
Caron the same.
Jordan is really athletic and has the lowest bball iq of anyone in the league.
Bledsoe has no skills but a crazy motor.
Jamal Crawford can get you 30 points. He might need 35 shots to do it though.
Grant Hill get senior discounts.
Lamar Odom's best bball is definitely behind him. Just ask Cuban.
Turiaf wouldn't be good in the WNBA.
And Mr. Barnes is just crazy.

They suck. I don't see what all the hype is. Lakers, OKC, Mavs, Spurs, and even the Utah Jazz are all better teams than them. Mark my words.
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