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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by Bano114
Lets have a person who actually watched Giant football for that entire 2010 comment on that situation?

It was clear and can be stated with no exaggeration at all that the majority of those interceptions were from tipped balls that hit off the receiver. He didn't play as bad as the interception numbers suggest.

Then, there's this lame argument. Every interception is someone else's fault and all the interceptions that were dropped are all completely forgotten because we have to make the QB look as good as possible. These things tend to even out if not go in favor of dropped interceptions. Yeah, I know, Eli overthrows the ball, but because the receiver got a fingernail on it, it's all the receiver's fault for the pick. Receiver bails Eli out = Eli gets all credit; Receiver doesn't bail Eli out = all the receiver's fault.

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