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Default Re: Looking ahead to the 2013 draft. Jarvis Jones, Sam Montgomery, Barkevious Mingo.

Originally Posted by Carbine
At this point if the Browns went defense with their first pick, I think Xavier Rhodes would be as good a pick as anyone.

I think the Browns D-Line is very good. Depth, great up the middle, good solid outside pass rush with Sheard....very good, young foundation.

Linebackers are a concern, but they can address that in later rounds and get high quality players.

I know Xavier Rhodes isn't high on a lot of mocks, but he fits not only a physical brand of football but he fills an obvious void. I like Skrine, but he's a good nickle/dime corner, not making a living on the outside.

Take a serious look at Rhodes, RBA. I think he's you're guy.

Didn't watch the Georgia game today so I can't really comment on how Jones looked. I have watched him in the past though and he has pretty consistently impressed me.

Don't know a ton about Rhodes, but I will take a gander.

I do think that CB2 spot does need to be addressed across from Haden, not necessarily for right this moment, but a few years down the line. I feel like Dimitri Patterson is actually a pretty good CB2 right now, but he is also 29. With Haden's suspension, he has been forced to be our CB1 and he isn't quite good enough to thrive in that role, but as our No. 2 guy, he is a good player for right now... As evidenced by his good work against the Eagles in the only game that Haden played this season.

Skrine seems like a keeper, but more as a nickel/depth guy than a legit CB2.

Sheldon Brown is pretty obviously on his last leg. He is holding onto an NFL roster spot just based on his aggressive style and veteran gamesmanship, but his physical tools have eroded significantly in the last year or so.

I wouldn't be opposed to taking a corner with the first pick. Hell, I desperately wanted Patrick Peterson a couple years ago to put across from Haden and immediately give us the best young secondary foundation in the league with Haden/Peterson/Ward/Young, but we picked 6th and he went 5th.
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