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Default Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Ok guys we are up and running. You should all receive an email invite. If not, please PM me.

Beast, PM me your email and I will send you an invite.

There are some new keeper features on Yahoo this year. I'll see if we can assign them to a draft round and if so, perhaps nobody has to send me their keepers if you can just do it on the site. I have set a keeper deadling for the 8th of October one way or another.

Edit - it doesn't look like rounds can be selected on the site, but you can make your keepers picks on the site and I can assign the rounds after. Once the league is created, I can do a test keeper pick on the site of a guy I won't be keeping, to see if it 'posts' my keeper pick. If it doesn't and therefore remains anonymous then let's use that feature.

Rules to remember:

1- 4 keepers per season - based on round value of the previous season unless another rule will apply.

2 - If a player with a 'k' beside their name is kept again, their round cost increases by 50%. This is regardless of how you came to own the player.

3 - You can keep 2 players with the same round value however one player will bump a round higher (obviously you can't keep 2 first rounders)

4 - 1st rounders can be KEPT twice. That means you could draft a player and then keep them twice more for a total ownership of 3 rounds.

5 - Draft order randomized. This is primarily due to keeper rules.

6 - Draft picks cannot be traded.

7 - Undrafted players are kept in round 11.

If anyone has any questions please let me know.

One item worth discussing is the waiver/FA process. Waiver priority applies to players on waivers, but not to free agents. Some leagues have all FA on waivers, so there is a waiver process for all players not on teams. This can prevent players in different time zones or who are up very late from having an advantage. We could also assign waiver dollars for a bidding process. A bid can be $0.

Good luck!

Season Six Keepers


Rd 2 - Kevin Love
Rd 6 - Marcin Gortat
Rd 10 - Nickola Pekovic
Rd 11 - Goran Dragic


Rd 1 - Chris Paul
Rd 4 - Paul Millsap
Rd 5 - Kevin Garnett
Rd 11 - Klay Thompson

Dr. Funk

Rd 1 - Kevin Durantt
Rd 4 - Mike Conley
Rd 8 - Paul George
Rd 11 - Bismak Biyombo


Rd 1 - Josh Smith
Rd 2 - Blake Griffin
Rd 4 - Marc Gasol
Rd 13 - Kenneth Faried


Rd 1 - Dirk Nowitzki
Rd 3 - Roy Hibbert
Rd 5 - Nicolas Batum
Rd 6 - James Harden

T - Low

Rd 3 - Tyreke Evans
Rd 4 - Kyrie Irving
Rd 5 - Andrew Bogut
Rd 10 -Brandon Knight


Rd 1 - Dwight Howard
Rd 2 - Rudy Gay
Rd 4 - Javale McGee
Rd 11 - Jeremy Lin


Rd 3 - Raymond Felton
Rd 6 - Tyson Chandler
Rd 10 - Samuel Dalembert
Rd 11 - Courtney Lee

Zan Tabak

Rd 2 - Russell Westbrook
Rd 6 - Kris Humpries
Rd 7 - Serge Ibaka
Rd 11 - Isiah Thomas


Rd 4 - Marcus Thornton
Rd 5 - Andrew Bynum
Rd 6 - Brandon Jennings
Rd 9 - Ricky Rubio


Rd 1 - Lebron James
Rd 6 - Kyle Lowry
Rd 11 - Greivis Vasquez
Rd 12 - Gerald Henderson


Rd 2 - Monta Ellis
Rd 3 - Stephen Curry
Rd 6 - Ty Lawson
Rd 9 - Ryan Anderson


Rd 1 - D. Wade
Rd 4 - Andrea Bargnani
Rd 6 - Greg Monroe
Rd 6 - Thad Young

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