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How shocking an article by Peter Vecsey taking a shot at Stephon Marbury. Where's the eye rolling smiley when you need it?!?

Jayson Williams, Keith Van Horn, Kurt Thomas and several Suns and Knicks who wish to remain anonymous.

Jayson Williams had a problem with Marbury. Williams blew his knee out and had his career ended two weeks after Steph joined the team. In a collision with Steph no less, in which all the trainers rushed to Steph's aid first. Yeah, he's completely unbiased. Again, we need an eye rolling smiley.

Keith Van Horn didn't like Marbury telling him to cowboy up. He also had issues with Allen Iverson when Iverson said Van Horn doesn't go all out every game.

Kurt Thomas is the wanna be kid that no one likes. He's had no friends on any team he's been on. Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby used to try and hide from him after games so he wouldn't tag along to clubs.

Sorry but I'm not buying it.
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