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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Okay guys, so I have been absolutely working my ass off in regards to my jumpshot and have basically dedicated all the free time I have to fixing and perfecting it. I think that I have finally got there. I took everything you guys said into consideration including the past two topics I have made and have done an insurmountable amount of research on the side while also putting everything I have learned to practice. At this point, my jumpshot feels good, and it goes in pretty often, now the final criteria needed is for your guys approval on whether it looks good or not, and whether it is efficient and quick enough. When working on my jumpshot I particularly focused on speeding it up and the way I brought my shot pocket up as those were the biggest critiques I have received. Also I would like to thank you guys sincerely for all the advise and critiques you guys have given me because if it wasn't for you guys I would have thought that my jumpshot looked good and was efficient before, and thus I wouldn't have striven for absolute perfection and kept working on the form (I would have kept working on the jumpshot though).

This video is from earlier today and I have more footage if requested:

Fire away and give me all the good and the bad, and if I still have a lot of improving to do then I will suck it up and get back to the gym. Also, when it comes to critiques, I want to know mostly about the speed, efficiency, and prettiness of my jumpshot, everything else is welcome too but I would love it if you could say something about 1 or more of these things. Edit: I would also like you guys to consider my base (How I position my feet. Should I have a wide or narrow base/ should I have a squared or open stance etc.) as it is the last one of the things that I am unsure about when it comes to my new form. I would also like you guys to consider that when I am squared up (Both foot pointing at rim and parallel to each other with no foot in front of the other) and my feet are shoulder width apart or wider, my right knee buckles, so maybe you guys can help me with that.

Edit: I forgot to add, I would like to know if hopping into your jumpshot if you are set is traveling. Because this is one of the ways I have experimented when speeding up my jumpshot. I don't know exactly how to explain it but basically I drop into position instead of slowly bending my knees into position. Basically, I bend my knees to quickly that I am airborne for a split-second so that I land with my knees bent and ready to explode. I know that this is great off of the dribble but if you are set and you do this (since technically both feet leave the ground even if it is ever so slightly) I want to know if it is a travel. Honestly it isn't too important because I took the extra step and adjusted my hop by keeping my left forefoot on the ground and essentially tiptoeing for the small amount of time that my right foot and my left hind foot are airborne just to make sure that part of my foot is still grounded and I can't be called for the travel.

Edit: I found a video example of what I was talking about move, in the video this guy calls it a "drop."

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