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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Maniak
what the hell is wrong with you? play modern warfare 3 and tell me that.

you're making such random ****ing comparisons; i dont understand. certain old games are better than certain new games, no matter how pretty the new game looks or whatever.
I'd have logged over 15 days in MW3. I have played all the COD since COD 4 and the games have been running in the same old engine and same format since COD 4. They just polished the games but you can't polish something that's already rusty.

Anyway yes its true that some old games may be better than new ones. But its because the new ones you may be comparing to (in this case COD) are old games(down the core) too. Same with the GTA series. If GTA 4 was on the market under another name and developer back when R* was releasing the old trilogy GTA 4 will outsell and out perform both of them since people will look for GTA 4 standards
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