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Default Houston Rockets training camp questions

Houston Chronicle:

Will Jeremy Lin be the Rocketsí star? Finding the balance between Lin looking for his shot and othersí will be an important part of the preseason. He did have a scintillating stretch with the Knicks at an All-Star level. The Knicks had few options at the time with Carmelo Anthony out and Amaríe Stoudemire away from the team at least for the start of Linís run. The Rockets similarly have few offensive options and have run the sort of pick-and-rolls that worked for Lin in New York. But he also will face far more defensive attention and pressure than when he first took off.

Can Omer Asik be a difference-maker as a starter? His impact defensively was greater statistically than any center in the NBA last season, but that was in a limited role off the bench. He will have to make an important step to be that effective as a full-time starter. The Rockets will need Asik to solidify their defense as a whole, but they also want him to contribute in some ways on the other end, particularly by improving his pass-catching skills when working in pick-and-roll situations with Lin.
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