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Default Danny Ferry discusses Josh Smith

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Q. Josh Smith is entering the final year of his contract and can become an unrestricted free agent following the season. As Iíve been told, it is unlikely a new deal will get done before the summer. Will that be a distraction? How will to prevent it from becoming a distraction?

A. I try to maintain my focus on the big picture. Certainly, Josh Smith has been a vital, vital part of the success that weíve experienced here. Heís been phenomenal. These type situations are the business side of it and you certainly understand his side, you understand the organizationís side. We know we love him. We know we want him back. We certainly understand what heís thinking is. Itís my understanding that there has been some dialog with his representatives. Whether something is resolved during the season or whether they wait until after the season, thatís the business side of it.
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