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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by StateProperty
You're getting ahead of yourself. Playoffs are never missed in week 4. Not even week 10. But yeah winning these games against other teams who are going to be in wildcard battles and getting that tiebreaker is huge. Philly (5-1 in division last year) made me realize division wins don't mean as much as I thought.

And yeah my hatred for RG3 burns strong. But I also hate their 3rd string QB and I don't even know who he is. He's still a ***.
I disagree...playoffs CAN be won or lost week 1

we all know the reality of it is that any game is just as important as the next...divisional games being ahead of non divisional

mathematically speaking week 1 = week 17...they mean the exact same if both are divisional or non divisional

but we football fans like to pretend it only really "matters" in the late weeks...IT MATTERS EVERY WEEK
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