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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by niko
Never mind, he said something stupid but he'd never change his mind simply because he doesn't want to admit on a message board he made a mistake, he'd rather say the same thing wrong over and over.

Anyone who plays sports knows their are moments that are more important. There is a reason clutch players get more money and more accolades. If every moment was the same A-Rod would never have received 1 word of criticism in his whole career. And Texas Rangers would have a parade.

I'm NOT wrong you retard

mathematically speaking every game is just as important as the next, divisional games having more mathematical importance than non divisional, I can say that 1,000,000,000 times and it would be correct every single time.

last night's game could EASILY be the reason that the Giants miss the post season

you're right though Sarcastic in that they aren't aware of it yet...there is that difference, that is the only difference though, in the player's head, and in the fan's reality there is no difference, we could place last night's game at week 17 and it would mean the exact same as it did last night.

IMO they should be playing every game as though the season is on the line, because with only 16 games they all have huge importance obviously
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