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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by imdaman99
who in the nfc east has started out 0-2 this year? saints and giants both lost their 4th games in horrible fashion, but they are hardly in similar situations. saints might have dug themselves too deep, giants are still not out of it. unless they lose their next 4 games, they can still get hot at the end and sneak in at 9-7. i would take the giants at 9-7 over the falcons at 14-2 or 13-3.
No one said anyone in the NFC East has started 0-2. They're discussing the importance of a game at the start of a season as opposed to the end of the season. They all weigh the same, especially with as short of a season the NFL has. That's why teams that start of slow have that much less of a chance of making it. 0-2 was my example as only something like 12% of teams that start that way have made the postseason.
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