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Default Re: Looper is getting amazing reviews

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
The simplest reason to be sure joe isn't the rainmaker is because joe screwed the rainmakers mom, I don't think they went the incest route. The train scene didn't mean he was the kid, it meant he didn't wanna put the kid through what he went through

The train scene was Cid having to move on because he just saw his mom get shot.. It was part of the whole situation where Cid runs away in a train and starts his jaded journey into becoming the rainmaker. It was a scene that was part of young Joes epiphany. His realization of what would transpire once the MILF was shot down in cold blood.

I know you're not saying they are the same person. Just saying that I dont think its even remotely possible to imagine Joe being Cid. There are dozens of details that would make it impossible.
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