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Default The Secret World

Anybody play this game? I am normally not too keen on MMO type games, but the secret world is exceptional. Basically the game is set on a bizzaro version of earth where ghosts, monsters, secret societies and fairy tales all exist. The quests are very different from the traditional mmo style "go kill 15 of this monster, rinse and repeat". Instead the quests are detective style, making you actually use your brain to find clues and such. The sound, graphics and general atmosphere of the game are all top notch, so much so that it can get pretty spooky playing at night with the sound cranked up.

For anybody who likes MMOs but is sick of mind numbing World of Warcraft clones, I strongly recommend you check out the secret world. This game does not hold your hand, and it is not catered toward kiddies, button mashers and casuals.

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