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Default Re: NFC East Trash Talk Thread

Originally Posted by StateProperty
You're getting ahead of yourself. Playoffs are never missed in week 4. Not even week 10. But yeah winning these games against other teams who are going to be in wildcard battles and getting that tiebreaker is huge. Philly (5-1 in division last year) made me realize division wins don't mean as much as I thought.

And yeah my hatred for RG3 burns strong. But I also hate their 3rd string QB and I don't even know who he is. He's still a ***.

O u def know who Rex the Sex Cannon Grossman is.

RG3 hates u too. Griffin will surpass every QB in our division (sans MAYBE Eli) in the next year. Already makes better choices than Mike Pick.

Truth be told, last night was one of the ONLY times I've ever rooted for the Iggles and that's cuz I was playing Eli n Cruz in fantasy and frankly, I'm now tired of their success. I hate Coughlin w fervent passion too.

Andy Reid >> Tom Coughlin

F uck the DallASS Cowpies

F uck the Philthadelphia Fecals

F uck the New York VaGiants 70

Knockin niccas out the park.

RGIII, FroMo, Silverback, Kerrigan, London, Pierre, HankTime, Sleepy Fred Davis.

Come get it wh0res

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