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Default Re: Rate your conversation/speaking skills with this scale

Originally Posted by RaininTwos
Kizzle kill yourself. You can't even make a proper thread, yet you call yourself a master at the art of the conversation.

To be a great talker, you have to share details, I couldn't imagine being friends with you. I would get so tired about asking questions that prompt you to share details that anyone with a brain would use in their story. I might end up bitch slapping you.

Kizzle:"I saw this girl today and she was so hot"

*end of conversation*

I have a friend like that. He'll tell me something like, "I got into a fight today." Then I have to play 21 questions with him to find out the specifics of the fight, such as 'Did you win?', 'Who did you fight?', 'Where did this happen?', etc.
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