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Default Re: Y'all know the Vikes are gonna make the playoffs right?

Minnesota has had a surprisingly impressive start, but let's revisit this discussion halfway through the season. I think at that point we can make a fair assessment of their playoff chances. Too early right now. Yes, GB is playing uninspired and questionable right now, but they'll likely turn things around and win the division.

Detroit could have had a legit shot at taking the North this year but they're surprisingly playing like baby du-du squirts too. Chicago is 3-1 too, if Cutler can stop throwing INT'z the Bears have a shot to win the division considering GB continues to stink it up and Lions never rebound.

That leaves Viks only shot being what will be a very tight wild-card dog fight down to Week 17. The NFC East is going to be tight minus Dallas, some are saying the NFC West is the best division in football and while Carolina is 1-3 ATM, they're good enough to put something together and finish 9-7 possibly being right up there in the end.

The ending result will probably be the NFC East and NFC West winning the wild-card slots and ending with Minnesota falling apart mid-season as the likely scenario - and best case - being they keep the race tight and perhaps find themselves barely missing the playoffs, right there on the outside looking in.

Assuming the Eagles take the East and 49ers win the West -the Giants, Redskins, 'Cards, and quite possibly the Bears, Panthers and maybe even an up-and-coming Rams will all be too much for the Viks to find themselves playing more than 16 games this season.
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