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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
Okay well I won't compare him to Romo in this thread but I now think we can make the thread "Eli Manning and the Dreaded OVERrated Word"

he is a great QB and was in fact underrated when Marlo made that thread but best in the NFL?

he is NOT on that top tier, never will be unless Rodgers Brees and Brady all die

it is just amazing what a ring does for a QB's is EVERYTHING in the eyes of fans, but it shouldn't be

You have the nerve to facepalm an argument of Eli Manning being the best QB in the league right now, then turn around and say Tony Romo is possibly Top 4.

I wouldn't say Eli is the best right now. I'd surely say he's elite, and nowhere near overrated ... in fact ... many fair weather fans still don't think he's among the best of the best, so if anything you could almost make the argument he's STILL underrated. Sure as hell not overrated. He already has two rings, and his older brother who's commonly considered quite possibly the greatest QB of all time only has one. I'd say that's damn impressive.

In your small minded one state (TX) one city (Dallas) mental, Tony Romo is Top 3 greatest of all time QBs, Vick is still hosting dog fighting tournaments in his backyard, RGIII will be a bust and Eli Manning is the most overrated quareterback in the history of the game.

My goodness. What a journey it would be to be in the mind of PT for one day... just one day. Truly mind-blowing... literally, mind-blowing meaning said subject would strongly consider blowing their brains out.

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