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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

Okay... I'm gonna make a few key points... and I'll STFU.

You guys might not remember what it felt like to go 5-11 for three consecutive seasons... but I sure as F*ck do

And what did the Cowboys Nation do when we went 5-11 for thee years in a row (2000-2002)?

We pointed the blame were the blame deserved to be pointed... AT JERRY F*CKING JONES.

and at the time... it was obvious to us all who the problem was.

It was Jerry.

So what does he do in front of the public? He hires a football God to coach his team.... (Parcells)

This was our savior...

I don't know what Cowboys fans were more happy/relieved about at the time,
the fact that Jerry was going to put his ego aside and have less involvement,
or that we just hired a great f*cking Coach... I'll put it at 50/50 for me personally.

To make a long rant short... My fear isn't the same as John Shango's...

I'm not afraid of 8-8 football that can still be marketable.

My fear is that we are headed back to 5-11 Jerry Jones football.

and what was the one decision that first gave me this fear?

Morris Claiborne

I can't remember when, but I do remember that it was once said:
I recall Bill Parcells saying he would never again use a top 5 pick
on a Corner Back (a few years after he drafted Terrance Newman)
because the WAR is fought in trenches.

Bill Parcells didn't give a $hit about Corners and Wide Recievers. What good is a Running Back
if your O-Line can't block? I mean $hit... the dude traded down in draft when we had our hands
on Steven Jackson... and we went with Julius Jones in the second round

Parcells put the emphasis on Defensive Linemen, Big @ss Guards... Tight Ends and Line Backers.

If your front 7 can get pressure on the QB... your secondary damn near takes care of it's self.
If your O-Line can block effectively... you can get away with Troy Hambrick at Running Back...
we also had an awesome FB that year (forget his name off the top of my head but I
think he lead the team in receptions)

I look at our team... and I see our core: Ware, Romo, Witten (maybe Ratliff)...
what did we to do to build around these guys?
Roy Williams (draft picks)
Felix Jones (1st round pick)... Mike Jenkins (1st Round Pick)...
Dez Bryant (jerry wanting to redeem himself for not taking Randy Moss.)
2 first rounders on Claiborne.
$50 million for Carr
$60 million for Miles

Nothing but Wrs, CBs, and RBs... This isn't what Big Bill taught us...

I'm not done....
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