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Default Re: What do you think of Tony Romo? Top 10? Top 5? Your thoughts...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
He is currently much better than ALL of those QBs except maybe Flacco who has looked great this year

He is better than Stafford as well...Stafford is in that group

Romo and Flacco are above that group

Bradford > Stafford?

Matthew Stafford last season 41 TD 16 INT 5k+ passing yards. Yet... Sam Bradford is the better QB.

So I suppose there's simply no contest, since Tony Romo is the 4th best QB in the league, this must put Stafford outside the Top 10. You like to argue stats are the flagship means of rating a QB, oh but in the case of Stafford it doesn't count.

Ask any GM ... ask any owner ... if they were to pick a QB to build their franchise around, Romo or Stafford, I think we all know who they're going with (regardless of age, youth, etc).

I will admit Stafford is frail. He's injury prone, but dude is no doubt a stud and surely on his way to being a truly "elite" QB among the best of 'em, perhaps a truly legit "Top 4" QB in time, something Romo will obviously NEVER accomplish.
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